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Investment in Alberta's economy.

Building diversity.

With our home in Canada.

Perisson leverages assets worldwide to build diversity, but our primary concern is at home, in the oil fields of Alberta. Our vision makes the current state of the energy market a fertile ground for development — in assets and in professional talent. Perisson has four major areas in Southern Alberta, each with its own distinct advantages. Development of these areas means investment in Alberta’s economy: creating jobs, generating revenue and improving the province’s oil & gas industry.

Building a strong company in Alberta means building a stronger home.


Twining-Rundle, Alberta


The Twining Rundle area is a large oil resource west of Drumheller. The Twining property owned by Perisson contains significant original oil resources awaiting development — an estimated 1 Billion barrels (OOIP).

The size and availability of hydrocarbons in the area afford Perisson a number of possible exploration sites, which allows us to consider the merits of each site within the cycle-strategy. Some areas are easier than others — we strike when the moment is right to maximize value and investment return.


Perisson is looking at the Twining property to produce upward of 200 Barrels of oil or equivalent natural gas per day (200 Boe/d).


The Twining property is adjacent to several business partners, offering synergetic cost reductions. As well, other development and stimulation opportunities are available in which Perisson may choose to participate, if they work with our long-term strategy.

These four areas provide excellent opportunites for development and long-term natural gas production. Together they represent profitable assets with years of resources capable of giving Perisson an authoritative position in Canada’s energy market.