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About Perisson.

Seeing far into the oil landscape.

A strategy to thrive.

Especially through turbulent times.

Perisson was born from the light of a new dawn in Alberta’s energy sector. Gaining considerable assets in 2012, Perisson looked over the landscape of the oil and gas industry and realized a new vision had to be created. One that respected the cycles in the energy market, not one that feared them.

Pushing forecasting beyond the handful of years usually juggled by oil and gas companies, Perisson looked a decade ahead and then 15 years ahead, looking for a way to continue to grow through the turbulence of oil’s lifecycle. Buying for a dollar today, to sell for two the next has been choking the Canadian energy market.

Bringing together a management team focused on creative solutions alloyed with the discipline to sustain long term plans, Perisson began a new cycle of its own: the slow rise of asset and company value. 2016 is going to be a big year for Perisson and no matter what happens to the market, the strategies are in place to ensure a strong position for years to come.

Contact Perisson

Canada Headquarter

421 7th Avenue S.W., 30th Floor,
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 4K9, Canada

Tel : +1 403 800-0042
Fax : +1 888 990-0882
email :

Colombia Office

Carrera 9 Nro. 113-53, Of. 403,
Edificio Torres Unidas 2, Bogotá, Colombia

Tel : +57 1 382-6711
email :